EPISODE REVIEW: SMALLVILLE: Echo (Season 9, Episode 4)

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The fastest reviews of Smallville online continue- tonight, we're treated to a premise predicated by the love theme from Superman: The Motion Picture. Yes, tonight, Clark develops telepathy.

So, Can You Read My Mind? If you can, you'll know how much I'm grateful that the song never made it into the episode...

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EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: Savior (Season 9, Episode 1)

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Premiere week continues... this time with the ninth (!!!) season opener of Smallville. So does Mr. Kent put on a costume and learn to fly? Finally?

Well, I'll tell you ... after the jump.

As usual, I'll spoil the heck out of it.


TV REVIEW:Smallville: Injustice

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Poor, poor Tom Welling. He's getting typecast as Superman without even the benefit of wearing the suit- and his directorial career is being stunted with episodes like this.

There was a good episode in here trying desperately to escape.

Let's take a look at it, shall we?

Clark confronts Tess about the pot-stirring that she's starting, turning the Daily Planet a pale color of yellow. Tess tells Clark that if he'd just get OFF the pot, then there'd be no need.

Both of them have valid points.


TV Review:Smallville:Beast

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The 'Beast'ly Doomsday doesn't make an appearance, but his presence is definitely felt. Tonight's Smallville brought a sense of foreboding and grim decisions to be made.

Chloe is still keeping the monster in her basement. This is not a good idea when you have as many unexpected houseguests as she does...


TV Review:Smallville: Turbulence

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Tonight, Clark makes a big step, Doomsday plays vigilante, Jimmy learns to love painkillers and Chloe cries a lot...

More after the jump! .

Tonight's episode felt...mixed. I know there had to be reasons for the spotty episode (After all, you have to have Clark in every episode, right?), but the bits with Clark and Miss Teschmacher... I mean Tess... just didn't work for me. She sets a trap for Clark to make him reveal his powers, he cuts her oxygen in return. Doesn't quite seem fair....


TV REVIEW:Smallville:Infamous

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I've been scooped by someone who types much faster than I do! I think that "Burt Cottage" (If that IS his real name) is secretly an alien typist at the vanguard of a host of aliens with incredible clerical skills!

Clark decides to come out of the spandex closet and reveal himself (no, not THAT way) to the world, before hitting the reset button (or in this case, a Legion Time Travel ring) and making all the bad stuff go away.

For an episode with a built in reset button, this episode actually advanced Clark's journey considerably.


Roundtable Discussion #3: What Makes a Good Superhero Show?

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What makes a 'good' superhero show?

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Interestingly enough, speaking of good superhero shows, I was just watching this:
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