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Now that SGU is on hiatus for a bit, I thought I'd bring up some things I've been wondering about since it came on. I really began to question this stuff around episode 7 or so, and while it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the show, some questions were just kind of nagging at me. I didn't really want to broach the subject while they were actually running new episodes, however, because I didn't want to "Insult the living by speaking of the dead" as they say. Now that we've got some time to catch our breath, however:

1) What the hell is SG1 doing these days?


SONG OF THE WEEK: "Solitary Man" by Johnny Cash (2000)

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The penultimate episode of Stargate: Atlantis revolved rather heavily around Johnny Cash's "Solitary Man," both literally - as we see in the clip - and thematically, in that Shep is isolated from everyone around him in this iteration of his life.

A cover of Neil Diamond's 1966 hit, Johnny and Rick Rubin bring a bleak and haunting feel to it. And of course it's really cool when the A-10 Warthogs roll in...

and if that doesn't work, go here

That's Tom Petty on the backing vocals, by the way.


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