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FAN FILM FRIDAY: Star Trek TOS: Beyond Antares

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Yeah, I know I said I wanted to get away from the Big Three of fan film inspirations, but this one is rather interesting. It's a CGI episode stitched together and animated from random bits of original dialog, and completed over three years while the animator was struggling with lymphatic cancer.


FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Trek Through Time" by Kelvington

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Happy New Year, and welcome to our first quandry of the new decade: Is this a fan film or just a mashup. Well, obviously it's a mashup, but does that mean it isn't a fanfilm? To be honest, I'm not sure. Granted, there's no original footage here, no sets built or rendered, no fat guys from Minot, North Dakota pretending to be Commander Koening, or what have you, but it still kinda' feels like a fan film, it's got that air about it, even if it doesn't quite fit the bill.


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