OPINION: Private Space Flight

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Sometimes the price of innovation is death.  Thousands of pioneers over the centuries have been willing to pay that price in the hopes of finding a better future for themselves and their progeny.  They pushed the frontiers back in an attempt to seize the future.


Why are we so unwilling to follow their example?  Why has manned space exploration become far too expensive for us?




REALSPACE: UPDATE Falcon 9 Launched Dragon in orbit

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Today the launch of the Falcon 9 was aborted at t minus 2 seconds. The count has been recycled to t minus 15 minutes. SpaceX has the ability to do a fast recycle and launch which happen with one of the Falcon One test flight's.

Update the Falcon 9 launched at 2:45pm EDT and the mock up Dragon capsule is in orbit.


REALSPACE: Atlantis returns home and other space news.

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The Shuttle Atlantis landed for possibly the last time yesterday at the Kennedy Space Center ending its 32 flight. Atlantis will now be readied as a rescue ship for Discovery’s flight in September. NASA is lobbing congress for one more flight of Atlantis is use the last external fuel tank and solid booster set.

The Air Force announced that the flight of the X-51 waverider was a success and that it broke all previous scramjet records.


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