Space: 1999

Retrospeculative TV: Space:1999:"Matter of Life and Death" (Season 1, Episode 2)

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Here I go, reviewing 35 year old TV shows again... this time, episode 2 of Space:1999. I will eventually be reviewing all of Season One (even though I kind of like the spiffy jackets on Season 2) But in this episode, we get to visit a planet! How does that work out for the Alphans? Not too good....


FAN FILM FRIDAY: "UFO:1999" (1999)

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There's a lot of really grand conceits in fandom, not the least of which is the urge to combine SF universes that don't have any connection with each other. It's a staple of fanfic - the TOS Enterprise meets Moonbase Alpha, or Dr. Who meets the (original) Galactica, or the Jupiter II visits The Seaview, or Quantum Leap bumps into Time Tunnel, or Kolchack turns up alongside Mulder and Scully. It's fun, it kind of writes itself, and of course you're not limited by copyright, budget, or the death of actors.



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