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FALLING SKIES: "Badlands" (Season 3, Episode 3)

Nice opening sequence this time. Some potentially intriguing developments wrapped in standard “humanity on the edge angst.” All in all, better than the stupid paint-by-the-cliches attack on that nuclear reactor last week, but it’s still not up to what better moments this show has had. They seem to be trying to find their conceptual footing this season.


FALLING SKIES: "On Thin Ice" (Season Three, Episode 1) & "Collateral Damage (Season Three, Episode 2)

Well, that wasn’t so good was it? The whole thing felt drab and derivative, like they were trying to pack in as many clichés as they could into two hours. And they certainly packed those suckers, freely borrowing from superior sources. It didn’t have any of the energy the second season premier managed.


EDITORIAL: What separates good SF from bad? And is Pulp even SF to begin with?

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For the last six weeks or so,I've been thinking about SF a lot lately. Obviously, I'm a fan, but I've also had a really bad cold for six weeks and also I've kind of been goaded in this direction by some literary criticism I've been reading by other SF writers, and I've hit on something that's an interesting paradox in SF, or at least in pulp SF. As I'm suddenly feeling better for the first time in three fortnights, I thought I'd regale you of i


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