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SERIES REVIEW: “Jericho” (2006-2008) PART 1

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Remember the huge terrorist attack back in September of 2006 when North Korea nuked 23 American cities, using Iranian financing? And then with our nation’s dying breath we nuked both of those countries until nothing but radioactive glass remained? And then, mortally wounded, the nation shattered into six petty, squabbling new nations? Remember how damn cold that winter was, and how millions of people from the Northern Tier basically having to walk south or freeze to death, as there was no power nor food?


Green Lantern TAS Season 1.5 episode 6: Loss

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This episode involves loss, though it does not revolve around dealing with Loss. It continues the story arc and even continues the Red Lantern Story Arc from last half season. It is nicely done, though somewhat ineffective due to feeling a bit cheap with the “loss” it deals with.

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