INTERVIEW: Joseph Negra of “Venus Rises”

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Some of our readers may recall that back in May I posted an article on the site asking for any information about the "Venus Rises" web series that was in development a few years back, but seems to have kind of fallen off the radar recently. ( ) The same day that story went up, we were contacted by Joseph Negra, an actor from the series, who gave us a heads up on the state of the project, and he's kindly agreed to be with us today for an interview. Joseph, thank you very much for being here!



WEB SERIES: "The Black Dawn"

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While we're waiting for the return of SF Heavy-Hitters on TV like "SGU" and "Lost" and (Sigh) technically, I guess, "Caprica," there's still plenty of original online genre content to keep us entertained.

One of the more interesting and ambitious series is "The Black Dawn" - a contemporary story about a plague that turns the sky black and kills 99% of all humanity.

It's been running for a while, but it's got a pretty regular production schedule, and I find I've gotten kind of involved in it. In fact, there's *two* "Black Dawn" series running:


INTERVIEW: Republibot's Burt Cottage interviews little-known Sci-Fi author about selling books on Amazon's Kindle platform

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Republibot’s Burt Cottage interviews Samuel “Sam” Ben White on his recent success with selling Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Burt Cottage: Good morning.

Sam: Afternoon.

BC: What?

Sam: It’s afternoon where I am.

BC: No kidding. Anyway, tell us about Kindle.


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