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SCIENCE FICTION UNIVERSITY:The Best There Is . . . Isn’t Very Nice: Complex Dualities in Wolverine

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The great question in pop-culture studies is “Why?” Why Star Wars and why baseball? Why The Matrix and why Madonna? Why Sponge Bob and why Big Macs? Why do these things capture our cultural imagination.? The “Why?” of comic books was addressed in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2000 film, Unbreakable. There he sees language as originating in pictures. Says the Samuel Jackson character:


SCIENCE FICTION UNIVERSITY: Kristine Nielsen on Astrobiology

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Welcome to our infrequent, but well-intentioned “Science Fiction University” feature, in which we attempt to explain, expound, enlighten, and just generally explore the ideas surrounding SF. This is the first SFU to be in the form of an interview, but given the level of scientific content, I figured it was appropriate.


Lost and C. S. Lewis: Connections on the Fringe

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After reading the following essay, I can imagine Charlie sitting up in bed and yelling "Eureka!", and then realizing that he was yelling the title to the wrong TV show, yelling "Lost and Fringe!  And Jack Lewis!"

We have all the elements to a great story here- a long forgotten text, a mysterious TV show and a college professor trying to find THE TRUTH.  Too bad we have no budget to hire Tom Hanks.

In this case, though, we do have Dr. Starr's latest Lost essay.  Enjoy!



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Yes. Twilight is not Science Fiction.

However, in this short essay before Science Fiction University goes on Winter Break, we'll use this brief foray into fantasy to illustrate an aspect of heroism that has been shoved aside lately:the concept of the Chaste Hero.

Is this important? It may be more important than you think...

Here is Dr. Starr, after the jump.



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