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Answering the request from Kevin Long that he made here: <a href="">Would You Like To Write For Republibot?</a> and addressing the concern that SF is "too Liberal," as claimed here:  <a href="">SF Is Full Of Liberal Hypocrites</a> , I shall write a sometime review of new SF and a little Fantasy that is interesting and rational. 


Ruminations on Science Fiction

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I'll confess that I never really much cared for science fiction, but after I married a dyed-in-the-wool sci-fi geek, I've come to appreciate the genre.

My grandfather, who owned our TV, was big into sci-fi, and so I absorbed a lot of movies growing up in the days when there were only three networks and a couple of local-access channels, and one could either watch what Gramps was watching, or go outside and play. (I think that's where my love of the outdoors came from...)


War of the Worlds - Movie Review (**)

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(I guess while I am on this minor Steven Spielberg rant - here is my review of his War of the Worlds from '05.)

War of the Worlds is a movie with a little black button smack dab in the middle of it. Oh, it’s not a literal or real button or anything like that. It is a figurative button. And even figuratively it isn’t a terribly unique button. Actually, it is a rather drab figurative button and has that dull and slightly scratched look that comes from regular figurative use. It is not a button that you would think an acclaimed director such as Steven Spielberg would ever use, however, there it is.


Favorite S-F related quote of the week

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Mandy:I love sci-fi esp that talking horse show, that was one of my favorites
Hodges: Mr. Ed? Yeah... That's not science fiction
Mandy: Sure it is. It postulates an alternate universe in which horses evolved a larynx
Hodges: That's fantasy
Mandy: No, Fantasy is anything that travels faster than the speed of light, Hodges, which is why if Albert Einstein were alive today,he'd slap your face.
-----CSI:A Space Oddity


What is "Science Fiction"?

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What constitutes “Science Fiction”?

This is probably one of those questions you’ve never bothered to ask yourself. Fans of the genre, however, ask it a lot—and write about it a lot. Some of them even get angry about it.

Take a look at the following titles of movies and books (that I hope you have at least heard of): Star Wars; Plan 9 From Outer Space; Star Trek; Buck Rogers; Flash Gordon. Which of these would you consider science fiction?


An Alternate View of Sci-Fi Criticism (best viewed from ... right ... over ... HERE!)

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At some point, all art is subjective.

As I read the arguments in favor of (or against) more vigorous critiquing of science fiction, accompanied by discussions of just what exactly is science fiction, what isn’t, what is fantasy, where they do or shouldn’t intersect and whether sentences like this can actually be diagrammed, I have many thoughts, which may or may not be arranged into a cogent article but … why not try?



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