Saturn Rockets

Salvaging The Apollo Rocket Engines

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Proof that having an obscene amount of money can be used for practical applications, Amazon CEO Jeff Bazos has led a team in recoving some parts from the Saturn V rockets which were used to send astronauts to the Moon.


On Wednesday he hauled his catch up from three miles down and headed for Cape Canaveral to show off his rusty prizes.



Great Big Sexy Rockets No One Ever Built

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On Saturday I posted a review of Stephen Baxter's brilliant hard-science Alternate History novel, "Voyage." In that book, he came up with the very clever idea of attaching Shuttle-styled Solid Rocket Boosters to the old Saturn V moon rockets, so as to get more bang for their buck. Baxter avoids specifics when discussing the superattenuated Saturn Vs, but makes some offhand comments about them being able to carry twice as much cargo as a 'real' Saturn.


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