Episode Review: BATMAN:The Brave and the Bold:"Sidekicks Assemble" (Season 2, Episode 6)

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This week, the Teen Titans Sidekicks form and take on the Serpent's Head, Ra's Al Ghul. Was this version of the Titans as good as the old Anime series?

Well, yes.

I liked it. R3 is probably wondering where Beast Boy and Starfire are, though.

Click through to read the ol' review. Spoilers a gogo, including Disco Nightwing!


TV Review:Batman:TBATB:The Color of Revenge!

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Tonight we get a look at Robin in the Brave and the Bold universe.

As usual, Spoilers ahoy -- or should I say "Holy Spoiler Alert, Batman!"

Show opens with a sequence nearly ripped from the old Sixties TV show- Batman and Robin set off after Crazy Quilt
Shakespeare Bust-Check
Spring loaded barricade in front of the BatCave-Check
"Holy ____" Exclamation from Robin- Check
Vertical Wall Climb- Check!

All in the Teaser- Roll Credits!


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