R2's Day: Republibot's Fifth Anniversary

Some thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special: Time of the Doctor

Some thoughts on this anniversary thing that sortof snuck up on us.  The Doctor Who reflections can wait a week or two.  He’s not going anywhere and we have several months until there are any new episodes.


An Important Post About The Current Republibot State Of Affairs

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Dear readers, contributors, and other members of the Republibot Community,

I would like to start out by thanking you all for your contributions and participation in this website, and we hope that you know that we consider it collectively as our website, all of us, not just us three Republibots.

Our greatest pride, that we have taken so far in running has been that we've never had a flame war. Not one. None in the more-than-four-years we've been online. We've provided reasonably insightful, reasonably intelligent content, and we've gone out of our way to avoid name-calling and liberal baiting and the general jerk stuff that gives so many other Conservative sites a bad name. We just say what we have to say, make our point, and then discuss it like grown-ups. As an approach and general philosophy we've trusted in the basic civility of our readers and members and friends, and though there have been a few crises along the way, R2 and R3, have always managed to defuse them before they went off.


Republibot (dot) Com’s Most Popular Stories Of The Year 2009

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If you ever wondered why so many websites run so many articles like “Top 10 Surprisingly Sensitive Moments from Shockjocks” or “September through November, 2009: A Nostalgic Look Backwards” or “Links to 206 Random Articles That Prove Everyone Is An Idiot Except Me,” the reason, quite obviously, is that it’s the freakin’ holiday, doofus!


Republibot article featured on the Total Dick Head website.

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A few days ago, I published my review of "What if Our World is Their Heaven?" a book about the final heretofore unpublished interview with Phlip K. Dick. You can read my review here if you haven't already. Suffice to say that I gave it a very good review.

Today the charmingly-offensively-named "Total Dick Head" website did a blog entry on it that is well worth checking out, and I'd advise you all to read it here


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