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Star Trek Cosplay

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A friend of mine sent me this link, and some of these costumes are hilariously creative.  Yes, the link is from IO9, get over it.  If we had an actual staff here, we could go to conventions and take our own photographs, too.




Harrison Ford In Public Spat With Chewbacca

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I'm not sure how "real" this is. All I know is it's pretty strange!

Harrison Ford, being interviewed on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote his new film "42," declines to answer any questions related to the upcoming "Star Wars" film, or his part in it.

Then things get really weird...

I...think he's kidding...he's kidding, right?


CHEAP SPACE: How To Make A Home-Made Space Shuttle

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Since NASA's budget keeps getting slashed, they may want to take a cue from the guys at BBC's Top Gear TV show, and try a bit of recycling for the next phase of their reusable orbiter program.


We can only hope that their version would work a little better...



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