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FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming" (1999)

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Some months ago, we did an entry about "The Battlestar Galactica You Never Got To see," an attempted revival by Richard Hatch. Here's the old entry Now, this trailer is amazingly hard to come by. Our own Republibot 2.0 actually helped work on the project back in the day, and even he never got to see a copy of it, so, honestly, it's rare as hen's teeth. When we did that earlier story, we had to content ourselves with a crappy video camera copy of the trailer, in which it was mostly impossible to make out what was going on. "Pat" over at the United Worlds forum, however, has uncovered an actual decent copy, however, and I felt this was post-worthy. Just click on through to see what might have been, but probably couldn't.


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