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(Prime Time Repeat) EPISODE REVIEWS: Warehouse 13: "Elements" (Episode 5) AND: Stargate Universe: "Air" (Episode 1)

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Syfy continues to fill otherwise-dead air with prime-time repeats of last year's shows. Maybe this is because they're trying to bring everyone up to speed before the new season starts, or maybe it's just because Caprica is crashing and burning, and they don't know what to do. Either way, since it's been a super-slow year thus far, we're covering 'em.

I don't know why I didn't think of this last week, nor the week before, but (I'm a drinker...) rather than irritating the crap of our fine, fine regular readers by re-posting old reviews as though they were new, I'll just *LINK* you to the reviews where they sit now.

Duh! Is my face red, or what? (Well, I've been slamming home the beers for an hour or so, so, of course my face would be red anyways, but rest assured: were I not intoxicated, my face would be red out of embarasment.)

So: If you'd like to read the review for tonight's Warehouse 13, go here

and if you'd like to read the review for tonight's Stargate: Universe, go here

We'll be reviewing the new episode of "Caprica" later on tonight for the seven or eight people who are still watching it. Be sure to check back in for that!


(Prime Time Repeat) EPISODE REVIEW: Warehouse 13: “Claudia” (Episode 4)

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PLEASE NOTE: Syfy is re-running the first season of Warehouse 13 as a way of simultaneously building up for the new season and and admitting it's got nothing in the way of programming, so, as such, we're re-running this review for those of you who may not have seen it, or the episode previously. We're not always going to do this, but in this case it seemed warranted.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: That while I feel like we probably should continue to cover this show in its second year, I definitely feel like I don't wanna' be the guy who does it. I've got waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff on my plate, so if *YOU* would like to take a stab at it and reap the (non-financial) rewards of having hundreds of total strangers hang on your every word, and then call you a jerk afterwards, we're probably willing to let you try. Drop me a line at and we'll talk.

Is it too early to start calling this show a Joss Whedon Knockoff?


We start out with Artie in a limbo-lit set, shot in high contrast black and white, talking to Mrs. Fredericks. He wakes from this dream in his warehouse office to find Mika and Pete phoning in a genuinely funny frantic report from one of their assignments (“No more zoos! Monkeys spit! Did you know monkeys spit?” “You still have some monkey phlegm in your hair.” “It isn’t phlegm”). Then “Claudia,” the hacker from the previous three episodes kidnaps Artie.


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