The Walking Dead: "The Suicide King" (Season 3, Episode 9) & "Home" (Season 3, Episode 10)

We left with a brewing civil war between mentally disturbed survivor leaders. Well, consider it brewed. “The Suicide King” is a little weak, but “Home” ends with a certified bang.

People are still dropping like flies, Rick is still falling apart, and that does not bode well for his overmatched group. The Governor is a full blown sociopath at this point, which doesn’t bode well for his group even if he wins. Nothing like a little lose-lose confrontation in a post-Apocalyptic world to bludgeon hope to death. Maybe that’s why Mad Max never stuck with any group for long.


The Walking Dead: "When the Dead Come Knocking (Season 3, Episode 7), "Made to Suffer" (Season 3, Episode 8)

Today, for the season ending finale, we look for the positives in everyone. The Governor is a family man, if in a totally demented way. Merle may be a total jerk, but he is handy to have around if you want to torture someone. Michonne is a bad ass with a sword, but she actually cares about children in distress. Rick, is well, our everyman who still tries to sort of pretend he has a conscious. Darryl is pretty much the switch hitting utility infielder who’s also good with tools that everyone needs when catastrophe comes a knocking.


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