Movie Review: The Theory Of Everything

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A friend at work loaned my husband a copy of the Stephen Hawking biopic, "The Theory Of Everything."  This is an educational film, and, as such, is more to be endured than enjoyed.

Taken from the memoir of Dr. Hawking's first wife, Jane (how can there be a spoiler on history?) the film depicts the painful physical degeneration of Stephen, as well as the tremendous burden that loving and caring for him put on poor Jane.


Cool Stuff: Lightsabers One Step Closer To Reality

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They said that it could not be done. Well, those of us who were thrilled to get laser pointers, rejoice: a team at MIT has created/invented/discovered a way to make light "hard" enough to be able to deflect off other beams of light.

It seems that when you blast photons through rubidium atoms, the particles join into "photonic molecules." Sounds like something out of some old pulp sci-fi, don't it? Well, it gets better--with lasers with a molecular structure, they can whack into each other and be deflected, just like lightsabers.


Why do people get thrown out of the gate on Stargate: Universe?

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This article was originally posted as a reply to Nwkeys a few weeks back, but I thought it was interesting enough to clean it up a bit and re-post it here.

Twice now on Stargate Universe we've seen people coming through the gate from the Milky Way, and getting hurled across the room.

The "Thrown through the gate" thing is never explained, but my hunch is that it has to do with a difference in momentum between the "In" gate and the "Out" gate. This prompts an interesting (no, really) discussion in physics.


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