Phineas And Ferb

MADE-FOR-TV MOVIE REVIEW: “Phineas and Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension” 2011

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I’m always hesitant when they do a movie version of a cartoon. Why? Because in cartoons, the format is an intrinsic, unavoidable part of the storytelling. Think of a haiku: It’s a very rigid format. If you want to stick six more lines in there, it ain’t a haiku. Loony Toons work great as a series of seven-minute shorts, but blowing them up into a feature film just doesn’t work, and there are plenty examples of exactly how pronouncedly they don’t work. Likewise, an animated sitcom like The Simpsons works great as a 22-minute episode, but it pretty much sucks as a 90 minute movie.


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