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R2's Day: Hey Guys! I've got a barn, let's put on a show!

Something that I'm working on-


We have a tremendous talent pool here at the 'bot.  I count myself fortunate to be able to hang out with you guys.  In that vein, I'd like to propose a project (and we can hammer out the details in the comments and the forums).


I want to see if we can crowd-source a movie as a 'weekend project' (or at least a script).


Whoever wants to participate in the process, can.



MOVIE REVIEW: Total Recall (2012)

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I am dreading writing this review above any review I've written since I started doing this last year. Why? Mostly because I'm having trouble finding the words to fill an entire review. Ok, here is the review I have in my head:

"Stay home, watch the original Schwarzenegger flick on Netflix


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