"How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea?"

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Well, it's that time of the year again: the bean counters (or is that rice counters?) in North Korea are going through the books and taking note of the budget deficit, so the Exalted Leader has to go out and rattle his saber in order to get the rest of the sane world to pony up some hush money and help him meet his shortfall. When the Gross Domestic Product of your country is terror, this is what you do.



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Now, this is more like it: a fan film that looks like it was put together on a shoestring budget, with craft paper and somebody's castoff shag carpet for costumes.


It's the goofy ebullience of the actors, as well as the ridiculous sight gags, that get "Star Sports" named as Republibot's Fan Film of the Week.


And we're not alone in our opinion--this short won the 2009 Official Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge.



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