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ORIGINAL FICTION: "Internal Bleeder" by Republibot 3.0 (2010)

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The note read:

"If you want an exclusive on the story of the century, meet me in the parking lot at the corner of County Road 39 and County Road 32, one block south of highway two. The intersection of 32 and Highway Four is kind of tricky, so you might want to use the North Schauppsville Road exit, and then head west a block on 39.

Be there at 8PM precisely, and come alone. Or, you know, if you think that’s too pushy, bring a friend. Yeah, actually, you know what? Do bring a friend. Probably a good idea.


Deep Throat"


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Free Are The Stars" by Richard Anderson (2010)

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October 30 2042

The New Eden Consortium board of directors had a meeting in the main conference room of the administrative building in the East Eden cylinder of the Habitat.

The speaker concluded his speech, “It is projected that the farming cylinder here and the farming domes at Clarke will provide all the food needed, with the new protein processors adding a meat substitute. The comet that’s passing within our range will provide water and other volatiles for years. Therefore, as of last week New Eden and Clarke base are totally self sufficient.”


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Bubba's Burger Barn" by Republibot 3.0 (2010)

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Despite his embarrassingly hyper patriotic name, Yank E. Flagg wasn’t enjoying his fourth of July. His ship, the USS Monkeyspank, had taken a pounding at the hands of the evil Bahamian Space Force three months back. Half the Fifth Fleet had been destroyed in the initial onslaught, but fortunately Comrade Captain McNeil had pulled the most remarkable strategy anyone had ever seen - running away - and as a result, America’s last Fightercarrier had survived. The war with the Bahamas was going badly enough that merely surviving was considered a victory these days.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Climbers" (Chapter Twenty-Eight)


Perhaps before I continue, you should go back and re-read that very first chapter. Yes, the one where Ray Meadows fell asleep in a tree. I can wait. Matter of fact, I think I'll go fix a cup of tea while you do that. By the time you're done, the tea will be gone and we can both continue. That first chapter will now bring you right back to where we are in the story. I'll pick it up from there when you're ready.

You're back? Great. Let's get on with it then.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Climbers" (Chapter Twenty-Six)

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CHAPTER TWENTY SIX- And hello to oblivion.

The rest of the week was a wild ride for all concerned- with the possible exception of Barbara Meadows. She was released the following day and after a smooth, quiet ride to her parent's home, was managing a rapid recovery in relative obscurity. Steve Vaan, on the other hand, felt as though he owed someone a big E ticket for his thrill ride to England. It was like Splash Mountain meets the Tower of Terror. The Adalynne pulled out of port in Bermuda, intending to outrun the hurricane. It did, but just barely.



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