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ORIGINAL FICTION: "The Undead at Work"

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It’s always about space with me, ultimately.

I was in space. Well, I wasn’t really in space, I was very much on earth. My brain was in a jar in some hospital somewhere, and my body was six feed under in some cemetery somewhere. But my senses were all plugged into a geostationary satellite twenty-two thousand miles above the Atlantic Ocean.

“Wow,” Saint Peter said.

“Wow, indeed,” I said, “I’ve been here eleventh jillion times, it always takes my virtual breath away.”

“I always wanted to be an astronaut,” he said, “Back when there were astronauts.”


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Bob and the Cargo of Death, Part 2" by Republibots 2.0 and 3.0

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PLEASE NOTE: This is part two of a story. Part one is online here. http://www.republibot.com/content/original-fiction-bob-and-cargo-death-r...

I showed up to the mission briefing early.  The crew of about a dozen that I'd met yesterday was all in attendance, with the exception of Thor.  Nancy winked at me.  I just stared back.  Flirting was never my strong suit.  And strangely enough, I wanted to see Emily.  She was forty when I last saw her a year ago. I didn't really care that at this point that she'd have to be about sixty-five.  She was kind to me, once....


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Bob and the Cargo of Death" by Republibots 2.0 and 3.0

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I'm not often angry.  I'm firmly of the belief that strong emotion is like strong drink: It clouds your judgement and makes you do things you'll regret. However, as I was seated across from where I assumed I would be seeing the CSSF General; I fumed.

No, I didn't fume: I cursed violently and loudly, and I vaguely remember banging things about; my arrival on Earth was only slightly less ceremonious than being hoodwinked and shanghaied by a press gang.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "The Trucker" by William Allen Avitt

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They say your sins will find you out, and that they will. I know this from experience. No matter how smart or how clever you think you are, you can't outrun yourself. Can't outrun the judgement. I thought I could, but like so many who try, it all came out in the end.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Climbers" by Chip Haynes (1995)

"Climbers" is an online novel by Chip Haynes that we serialized last year. This is the online table of contents for the novel, just click on the link to go to that chapter, and come back here when you're done to go to the next.

This concludes the reprinted serialized fiction from 2010. From here on out to the end of the year, it's all new and original.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Sixty Days Next Year" by Chip Haynes (2005)

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You'll have to excuse me, but I don't usually keep a diary. These events began before I understood what was happening, and where it was all headed. It was only later, after it was all going on, that I thought that maybe I should be keeping some sort of record--as if no one else was. We live in The Information Age, or did. Now it's just The Dim Ages. Welcome to my world.

June 14



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