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Original Fiction: The Weather-Witch

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It hadn't snowed in Upper Farningham for as long as the oldest grandmother could remember; and the reason for this, so they said, was because there was a weather-witch up in the hills who was so mean and so nasty that she wouldn't let it snow, not even on Christmas Eve.


Original Fiction: The Curse of the Prancing Pony

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I don't write much fiction, but after listening to my wife going on and on and on about our recent trip to Chincoteague, the idea for this short story just sort of bubbled up inside my brain.  It's not really science fiction, but like the story it's inspired by, it's fiction based on fact.


ORIGINAL FICTION: Second Time Around, Pt. 1

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This is an excerpt from a series of stories I've written based on the Russian fairy-tale character of Koschey the Deathless.

In the series, "The Prisoner Of Time," Kazhi is a Persian con artist and hack wizard who was made immortal by being doused in the blood of the dragon Tiamat when he helped King Marduk of Babylon find and slay her. Three thousand years later, Kazhi invents a time machine, which gets him hauled in for breaking the laws of the Nine Gods of the Elements. Condemned to destruction, Kazhi escapes and becomes trapped in Arthurian-era France, having to go through history all over again--alongside his earlier self.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Sloe Eyes" by Republibot 3.0

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“She sure is ugly!” The orderly said.
She was just standing there like a manequin. The girl was possessed of looks that at first seemed modely and desirable: tall, thin, leggy, curvey, blank expression, short, but very thick tussled hair, pouting mouth, and most striking of all, large, dark, almond-shaped eyes. Then the eye settled in a bit, and started noticing details missed on the first pass: she was too tall, and too thin, her head was a little bit too big, her mouth was a bit too small, her hair appeared to be painted on and her eyes, her unblinking eyes, were far, far, far too large.



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