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ORIGINAL FICTION: "Yesterday Will Be Better"

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Jerry Weeks looked out the window. It was raining, both outdoors and in his mood. His wife was yelling at him for the last time. He looked at his watch, given to him by his son as a birthday present some years before he died. It was Saturday, June 26th, 2010. Five-forty PM, exactly.

“Are you even listening to me?” she shrieked.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Climbers" (Chapter Eleven)

CHAPTER ELEVEN- Gilbert and Arthur and Climbers, oh my.

He wasn't kidding. He really didn't know. Never saw the movies, never read the books. He was more in the dark than the store they just left. Barbara was stunned. She was amazed. She was- well, you get the general idea. Between the store and the restaurant, Barbara Meadows tried to fill in her husband on everything he needed to know about spy movies of the 1960's. He took it well. And this time, they had no trouble finding a spot to park the car- right next to April's front door. Ray still had questions.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Climbers" (Chapter Eight)

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CHAPTER EIGHT- Losing ground, gaining speed.

After Ray found his way out of the police station parking garage, it was time for lunch. Ray was keenly aware of having only had coffee for breakfast. Four cups of the stuff. He needed food. But not here. Not in the heart of the urban downtown. He drove to the nearest on ramp and high-tailed it out to the suburbs. It didn't matter to him which way he went, as long as he went from where he was. And he did.



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