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EPISODE REVIEW:Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "Emperor Joker"

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Tonight we have adaptations of two comics stories- reasonably faithful ones at that.  

Problem is, they are so psychedelic that they defy my feeble abilities to explain them...


Can R2 conquer this challenge?  

Well, go look!


EPISODE REVIEW: Eureka: "Shower the People." (Season 3, Episode 15)

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Well, another week and another Eureka. This week marks the end of the signal meta-story. And while I’m rather disappointed in it ending, my disappointment stems from the writers ending such a promising meta-story so soon (though there seemed countless directions it could go) rather than the way they ended it. It wasn’t your typical Eureka story and in many ways that is what made it so darn good. In the past Eureka has flirted with the darker, drama oriented side of the dramedy scale only to come running back to the lighter slapstick side like a dog with its tail on fire.


EPISODE REVIEW: Eureka: "Ship Happens" (Season 3, Episode 14

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This episode continues from almost exactly where last weeks left off. And that being the case, there is definitely more of a drama feeling to it all from the standard Eureka comedy. Not that there is no comedy in this episode, only that the comedy is toned down from where it normally is in an episode like “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.


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