FAN FILM FRIDAY: "The Ten Doctors"

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As we've related elsewhere, the Fan Film universe consists of Star Wars, Star Trek, and assorted debris. Of course that was intended as a joke, but definitely it's true that those two franchises tend to dominate things to an annoying extent. I mean, seriously, how hard would it be to get some surplus Night Ops BDUs and run around in the woods with toy guns playing "Stargate?" Yet no one ever does it.

Thus it gives me great pleasure to introduce something that isn't Stargate or Star Wars: "The Ten Doctors," a Doctor(s) Who adventure.


FAN FILM FRIDAY: We Interview Kelvington

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Good morning, everyone. Today on Republibot, we've got Rick Kelvington, master of mashups and fanedits and parodies supreme. We recently featured him on Fan Film Friday (Here: ) and he's been kind enough - or at least undiscerning enough - to hang out with us today.

Rick, thank you for taking time out to speak with us!

You are certainly welcome, I enjoy your site, and this is a great fun to interact with you.




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