Klassics For Kids

KLASSICS FOR KIDS: “Tron” (1981)

Review in a nutshell: Goofy.

Review in a coconut shell: Goofy with a lot of special effects.

A game designer gets ripped off by a company, so he goes into a computer world, leads a revolution, gets proof, comes out again, and takes over the company.


KLASSICS FOR KIDS: “Star Wars Episode VI :The Return of the Jedi” (1983)

The movie was very interesting, I thought. I really couldn’t point out all that many thing that I thought was very good or not terribly good. I think what little CGI there was in the movie could have been improved greatly. The movie was far better than Episode IV, but not as good as Episode V. On a scale of one to ten, I think I’d give it about a six.


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