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Even though I love gadgets, I’ve never bought a Kindle. I came close on several occasions, but I’ve restrained myself partly because I don’t like Amazon’s proprietary Mobi format. If Amazon went out of business, then all the books you’ve purchased under their ecosystem might become unusable. I believe all ereaders should use an open standard format (currently ePub) so that the books are more portable from device to device.


PLUGS: Sam White releases 'iFAQ' on his time travel novels

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Sam White has an iFAQ on his increasingly popular time travel novels. (Available on Amazon here . Sam is a close friend of the site, and we thought a plug would be in order. If we get a good response, Sam may let us serialize something.... (hint, hint)


Ice Cream And Venom

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As many of you know I e-published my first book, "Ice Cream and Venom" about eight months ago on Amazon in Kindle format. It's been very well reviewed - better than I expected, really - but being as it was my first book, and my first experience with that format, it had a LOT of formatting and editing errors I didn't notice until after it was online and people started pointing 'em to me. They were substantial. Also, to be honest, the order of the stories didn't flow very well. It started out on the weakest (And most deliberately offensive!) one. Also, the Table of Contents didn't work.


REPUBLISHBOT: Sam White's latest book available on Kindle Today!

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Frequent Republibot contributor, cartoonist, minister and (most notably today) author Samuel Ben White has released his ninth (!!!) novel.  It is another in his increasingly misnamed Time Travel Trilogy (mind you, that's not his name for it, but I thought it was catchy.



INTERVIEW: Republibot's Burt Cottage interviews little-known Sci-Fi author about selling books on Amazon's Kindle platform

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Republibot’s Burt Cottage interviews Samuel “Sam” Ben White on his recent success with selling Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Burt Cottage: Good morning.

Sam: Afternoon.

BC: What?

Sam: It’s afternoon where I am.

BC: No kidding. Anyway, tell us about Kindle.


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