John Varley

BREAKING NEWS: "Irontown Blues" is a Go!

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John Varley is the first SF Author we ever interviewed on this site  ( ) and one of my favorite writers (Despite some flat-out disturbing stuff in some of his books and short stories). How good a writer is he? He can piss me off to the point where I feed one of his books to a fish, then eat the fish, and yet I still come back for more.


Happy New Year, and Thank You!

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Happy New Year, and a great big thank you to everyone who’s contributed to making this website a success. We initially went online with tests and some minor content in late December of 2008, but we really consider today to be our first anniversary, if we may be disingenuously allowed to commemorate the occasion the training wheels came off, and not the actual day we got the bike.


INTERVIEW: John Varley

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The following interview contains some coarse language, non-conservative viewpoints, and anti-religious sentiment. It is really cool and interesting, however. If these kinds of things offend you, do not read further, however if they do not it is well worth your time to read on. While we here at Republibot are conservatives, we feel that it is extremely important to ask questions and listen to all the answers before making up one's mind, and that simply can not happen if there are no dissenting viewpoints. Hence, when someone is kind enough to grant us an interview, it is our policy to let them say whatever they want without bugging them about it or censoring them.

Read at your own risk




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