Suck it Harry Potter, we don't need no stinkin' magic to be invisible!

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Remember Potter's cloak? Were you the sort who had the elfin rogu..ahem ranger...that was constantly flitting about unseen in your weekly AD&D game due to a Cloak of Invisibility? You wished you really had one, huh? You'd be able to sneak out of the house unseen, cruise the girl's (or guy's if that's your preference :)) locker room to see the things to be seen, trip that big, smelly dude with rank ass halitosis that bothers you in homeroom, act all Predator jumping from your bed to your desk chair to your dresser like they were jungle thought of all sorts of stuff, didn't you?

Well...thanks to the wonders of science and might get that shot. Albeit later than you wanted, but a shot nevertheless...


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