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Thoughts On Self-Publishing

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The Web is a strange place.

Years ago, if you were a writer, you jealously guarded your original ideas, looking for an agent, an editor, and a publisher to accept your work and put it out there, and hopefully you would gain fame and fortune for your efforts. You dreamed of the world knowing your name.

With the Internet, thousands of merdiocre hacks churn out millions of pages of piffle for free, hiding behind pseudonyms, and completely ruining the trade for the few good writers out there.


REMEDIAL SF 101: A Logic Named Joe

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Way back in 1946, Murray Leinster, writing under his real name of Will F. Jenkins, published a short story in the March issue of Astounding Science Fiction which was eeriliy prescient in its description of a computer network which believes that "information should be free" and takes that premise to disturbing extremes.


The story was "A Logic Named Joe," and Leinster wrote it at a time when computers were still vast and cumbersome contrivances used for breaking enemy codes and crunching numbers.



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