MOVIE REVIEW: Cabin In The Woods

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I have an approach to reviewing films that I rarely share called Perfect Film/Perfect Movie. Basically it posits that a Perfect Film is one that I can’t fault any of the choices made in the execution of the film – story, cast, plot, direction, etc. A Perfect Movie is one that you can tune into at any time and something cool or interesting is going on, regardless of the craft involved. Obviously Perfect Films are a much smaller group than Perfect Movies, but still overall, they are elite clubs with few members.


The River: Season 1 Review

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From the writer & director of Paranormal Activity and the man who brought us Amazing Stories, Seaquest DSV, and Terra Nova comes The River on ABC. Steven Spielberg and Oren Peli team up to bring what ABC hoped would be there new “Lost”. Was it? Let’s take a look at season 1.

The River is a found footage / sci-fi / horror / fantasy / mystery / reality-styled show. It stars Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, Nowhere Man) as Dr. Emmett Cole. Leslie Hope (24) plays Emmett’s wife Tess Cole. Lincoln Cole, Emmett’s estranged son and research doctor, is played by Joe Anderson.



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Yeah, yeah, I know: It’s not Saturday. I decided a while ago to stop running content on weekends since no one ever reads it, and around the same time I started running these kinds of movie reviews as simply “B-Movie Crapfest,” but that just didn’t really roll of the mental tongue in the same psychologically sonorous way the longer name does, thus I’ve decided not to be constrained by an overly-literal reading of the concept.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "The Truth About Lions and Lambs" (Part 3)

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Please Note: This story deals with very dark and disturbing themes. Do not read it if you're squeamish. This is part 3 of the story, and it's rather short. Part 1 of the story is online here http://www.republibot.com/content/original-fiction-truth-about-lions-and... and part 2 is online here http://www.republibot.com/content/original-fiction-truth-about-lions-and... Part 4 will be online next sunday.



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