The New Hollywood Moneymakers--Astrophysicists

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A friend of mine alerted me to this bit of research which claims that Hollywood can be guaranteed blockbusters as long as they include an astronomer or an astrophysicist in the script.  Apparently, every film that's ever had an astrophysicist as a character has done really well at the box office.




And the piece is written by an actual astromoner, too!


I Don't Mind That Hollywood Isn't In Favor of Smart Science Fiction, But Do They Need To Keep Working Against it?

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Recently, I've been wondering how Hollywood gets their ideas for Science Fiction movies. Depressingly, I'm pretty sure they get 'em from a combination of crappy old 80s cartoons, comic books, and things they find written on the walls in public restrooms.

Not that there's anything wrong with loitering around public restrooms waiting for inspiration to hit. Certainly that worked out well for George Michael, and, hey, the second half of his career has been golden, right? Right?


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