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BOOK REVIEW: Which Witch, by Eva Ibbotson

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I never was much of a person for hype. It was years before I deigned to read "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" because I could not imagine that the book was as good as people were saying it was. Then one day when I had some time to kill, I picked up a copy at the local library...and pretty much couldn't put it down again until I'd finished reading it. I wasn't just pleasantly surprised, I was blown away, and I'm a person who's read a lot of fantasy stories--J. K. Rowlings did something truly creative and unique, by setting her story about oddball witches and wizards in contemporary England, and making it funny.

Well, it turns out Ms. Rowling may not have been quite so original, after all...


FAN FILM FRIDAY: Harry Potter:Tara Putra And The Battle of Ages

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Here's a nifty little short from Tara Arts Movie, portraying a battle between a good wizard and a Death Eater, set in the fictional world of Harry Potter (and taking place somewhere that there are palm trees. Good to know wizarding is a global thing!). The acting is a little iffy, but the effects are first-rate.


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