Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman is Better Than You.

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Let me say this in no uncertain terms: Harriet Tubman is better than you. Harriet Tubman is better than me. She represents what's best about America: She was born in to an utterly terrible life, with all the cards stacked against her, and she made it better for herself, and then, not content to rest at that, she went back and made things better for threescore other people directly, and hundreds more indirectly. Harriet Tubman represents not only our shame, but our glory, and our amazing (if intermitent) ability to synthesize the two.

The idea that this goony show [Warehouse 13] would diminish her accomplishments by attributing them to a magical geegaw, thereby saying "Oh, yeah, there was no personal risk to her whatsoever, aside from maybe stubbed toes" was demeaning. Things like that should be off-limits to a show like this, out of common decency.


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