general announcements

If you can see this....

Congratulations- you are now on the new, fully operational version of this battlestatio... I mean website.

I'm still fiddling with backend stuff (admins, your email will be down for a little while longer...), but I think you'll be impressed with the improved speed and reliability of the site.  More cool stuff coming soon


Tis the season of our disconnect...

I regret to inform you that R4 has temporarily been rendered impotent.

Oh. Wait.

I regret to inform you that R4's sumptuous broadband has been surplanted by the squeal of a 2.4 kpbs landline modem.
(Which is pretty much the same as internet impotence).

Until he gets the 'net equivalent of the little blue pill, the inmates now have control of the Asylum!

I was about to tell you all to spread anarchy- but you'd tell me to mind my own business...


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