Ok, We're Just Not Doing So Good With The Reviews It Seems...

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I totally spaced on Sym-Bionic Titan last night, and missed the episode. I'll pick it up on Saturday, and I do apologize for the delay. In a larger sense, however, this points out a problem we've been having here at the 'Bot this season: We're simply not being very reliable with our episode reviews.

This is as much my fault as it is anyones. Arguably, it's probably more my fault since I'm the head writer and public face of the website.


Lost and C. S. Lewis: Connections on the Fringe

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After reading the following essay, I can imagine Charlie sitting up in bed and yelling "Eureka!", and then realizing that he was yelling the title to the wrong TV show, yelling "Lost and Fringe!  And Jack Lewis!"

We have all the elements to a great story here- a long forgotten text, a mysterious TV show and a college professor trying to find THE TRUTH.  Too bad we have no budget to hire Tom Hanks.

In this case, though, we do have Dr. Starr's latest Lost essay.  Enjoy!


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