War of the Worlds - Movie Review (**)

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(I guess while I am on this minor Steven Spielberg rant - here is my review of his War of the Worlds from '05.)

War of the Worlds is a movie with a little black button smack dab in the middle of it. Oh, it’s not a literal or real button or anything like that. It is a figurative button. And even figuratively it isn’t a terribly unique button. Actually, it is a rather drab figurative button and has that dull and slightly scratched look that comes from regular figurative use. It is not a button that you would think an acclaimed director such as Steven Spielberg would ever use, however, there it is.


Why I'd Like To See More Anthology Films

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We all know the drill: You wake up one morning to discover that one of your favorite short stories by one of your favorite authors is being made in to a movie. You get excited. You deftly try to follow news of the production while dodging actual spoilers. You do the dance of checking up on the director’s track record while questioning the casting. You spend months or years looking forward to it, and you arrange your schedule so you can pick it up during the opening weekend.

And it sucks.


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