Original Fiction: Strong AI Part II

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Because Kevin insisted that he stood up, but did die, I present part II.  

Part I may be found here...


The auto-hearse pulled up to the circular driveway in front of the empty crematorium chapel.  Database connections were attempted and some were made.  Reverend Pepper’s kindly image flicked onto the Mylar screen in the automatic chapel.  Jaybot and Chrisbot looked virtually on.  It began...


Republibot 3.0 (aka Kevin Long) is now on Smashwords

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Up until now all of the books by R3 have only been available on Amazon/Kindle. There are, however, several other E-reader formats for virtual books and he's basically been neglecting them up until now due to his massive technical ineptitude. (<-R3 wrote that) That's done, though. As of this morning, both his anthologies were posted on Smashwords! We've even dropped the price a buck in celebration! Smashwords publishes formats for iPod/iPhone, B&N Nook, Sony reader, and most any device using the Android O/S.

EDIT: THE NEW BOOK "It's Not Rocket Science" IS NOW ONLINE ALSO. See inside for links and more details.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Twilight of the Gods" (Part 4) by Charlie Starr

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PLEASE NOTE: This is the conclusion of the story. Part 3 is online here Part 2 is online here and the whole story starts here
We'll be starting a new story, and getting back to more traditional SF next week. Thanks again to Charlie Starr for contributing this!



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