R2's Day- JL8

I know we have a virtual army of cartoonists here in our community (and in this, I include myself- though I've not seriously cartooned in a few years)... but sometimes you see something that both humbles and inspires you.

Yale Stewart's JL8 is a great comic.  It has humor and heart in just about the right proportions.  He's taken DC superheroes and put them all in third grade, while keeping them pretty much in character.  In fact, he may have a better grip on the characters than DC does currently.


BOOK REVIEW: "Sometimes a Stupid Notion" (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome to part 2 of Flabbergasted's epic review of "Sometimes a Stupid Notion," the redemptive Battlestar Galactica novel.

Now, in general we don't touch Fanfic, and hyper-ambitious fanfic *novels* are right out for any number of reasons. Why are we covering this one? Because the ending of the RDM version of Galactica was so amazingly punch-you-in-the-face awful that it destroyed the entire series in retrospect, not just for me, but for at least a third of the people I've talked to about it.

An ending *THAT* bad - arguably "the worst ending in the history of television" as several people have convincingly argued - cries out for something or someone to try and fix it, to try and turn it into something that isn't just a slap in the face of the people who loved the show.

Something more than a betrayal. Since those who made the show honestly believe they made a good ending, they clearly aren't the ones to do it. Therefore, that leaves the in this one case we make an exception and review a fanfic novel.

Because it's good!


BOOK REVIEW: "Sometimes a Stupid Notion" (2010)

This week we're going to try something kinda' exciting and new, to us anyway: A review of a Battlestar Galactica novel that *MAKES SENSE OF* the random, nonsensical, abrupt, unfulfilling, and basically stupid series finale. The review is very lengthy and detailed so we'll be breaking it into three parts.

Given that Galactica always starts out with a genocidal and unprovoked sneak attack, it seemed fitting to start out on Pearl Harbor day.


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