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Falling Skies: "Pope Breaks Bad" (Season 5, Episode 4)

That's an awful title, isn't it? About as subtle as a meat cleaver. What's ironic is that this episode, one moronic story-telling artifice aside, isn't bad. It does, however, seem to waste time they may not have in this final season.


Falling Skies: "Hatchlings" (Season 5, Episode 3)

I'm kind of miffed tonight. Falling Skies managed to craft a plot arc that has potential, only to dispense with it as an afterthought in order to stumble around with yet another incompetent Espheni overlord. Oh, well. At least they're promising to leave the current dramatically strip-mined locale behind by the end. I never thought I'd say this, but hooray for Fayetteville!

North Carolina, that is. Sorry Arkansas.  


Falling Skies: "Hunger Pains" (Season 5, Episode 2)

It's a slight step up this week. The events aren't quite as ridiculous, and the whole kind of resembles an actual story. Of course, being hungry for a whole episode isn't necessarily interesting. You play it as it lays, though, I suppose.  


Falling Skies: "Find Your Warrior" (Season 5, Episode 1)

There's being low on gas. There's running on fumes, and there's also being out of gas. Then there's trying to remember what gas is as you stare at a junked out hunk of metal that might once have been a car. Welcome to "Falling Skies: The Final Battle."

That grandiose title for the final season becomes laughable by the time this episode is over. The budget is down, and the scale of this show has never felt smaller. But look at it this way--there's nowhere to go but up.



Falling Skies: "Space Oddity" and "Shoot to the Moon" (Season 4, Episodes 11 and 12)


What do you know? Every dog does indeed have his day, and Falling Skies closed out its fourth season with two more watchable hours of television (the second better than the first). They even made Lexi tolerable. Not bad for a show that's always skirting a rut.

"Space Oddity"


Falling Skies: "Till Death Do We Part" (Season 4, Episode 9)


Not bad. This one was a little ridiculous in places, but had enough action, special effects and movement to make for a nicely watchable hour of television. Shakespeare it ain’t, but it held its narrative balance better than the more recent episodes. This is the best this show has been since the ghetto escape.


Falling Skies: "A Thing with Feathers" (Season 4, Episode 8)


I had to look that title up. It comes from an Emily Dickinson poem, and it seems that hope is a thing with feathers. Okay.

We open with the remains of the 2nd Mass moving out into the debris at sunrise to look for survivors. You can see their breath fogging, and it sure looks there’s snow on the ground . That’s disorienting because when we see scenes in the nearby woods there certainly is no snow. Nonetheless we do get to see a Skitter get its skull bashed in by a rock as our heroes fan out. It makes a convincing crunch.


Falling Skies: "Saturday Night Massacre" (Season 4, Episode 7)


Well, that was… an oddly sedate sort of massacre. It was basically a lot of unintentional violence, most of which happened off screen. It might have been a reasonably realistic depiction of how chaotic things happen, but it didn’t make for the most scintillating hour of television. Compared to the escape from the ghetto a few episodes back it felt small.

First things first. I admit the preview from the last episode had me expecting a battle royale, so perhaps my expectations were unfair. Nonetheless, I do believe the sequence of events felt rushed.


Falling Skies: "Door Number Three" (Season 4, Episode 6)


It's the Lexi show tonight. In a passive aggressive sort of way. Lexi actually spends most of the episode in a cocoon while everyone else reacts to that fact around her. Which is a roundabout way of saying not much happens after she goes into the cocoon.   

Not to mention that it's kind of rude to refer to her as Door Number Three. I mean, geez, she's standing right there in that cocoon. Little pitchers, big ears, right?


Falling Skies: "Mind Wars" (Season 4, Episode 5)


Marking Time.

That's the plan this week. They've got twelve episodes to film and less than twelve episodes of story to fill them with, so we get an occasional episode like this. Tom is kidnapped by two characters who will most certainly be dead by the end of the episode, and not all that much happens in Chinatown, either.    



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