Time Story Story Time: Roadmarks, by Roger Zelazny

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Roger Zelazny's "Roadmarks" is probably the first time travel story I'd ever read, back in high school. I was attracted to it mainly due to there being a dragon on the cover, and in those days, I was mad about dragons. Still am. In fact, I'm descended from dragons, but that's a story for another day...


OBITUARY: Anne McCaffrey (1926-2011)

Anne McCaffrey, author of nearly 100 books of science fiction and fantasy passed away Monday at the age of 85. She was primarily famous for her 'Dragonriders of Pern' series, but she wrote numerous other works, including the notable ' The Ship Who Sang' and it's sequels.
By all accounts she was generous with her time and collaborated frequently. She was active in the SFWA and a member of the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.


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