Episode Review:FlashForward: "Course Correction" (Season 1, Episode19)

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Tonight, Flashforward maintains it's streak of good episodes.

Yeah, I had a hard time believing it, too.

Read on... seriously. This episode was not only action-y, it was philosophical. Kind of like Action Philosophers, but not really.

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Episode Review: FlashForward:"Playing Cards With Coyote"(Season 1, Episode 8)

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Last week, we learned that the flash forwards could be invalidated, but the method was rather drastic. Do our characters continue to embrace their destinies, or are they figuring out how to live beyond their visions?

Well, let's find out after the jump.


EPISODE REVIEW: FlashForward: "The Gift" (Season 1, Episode 7)

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Demetri starts making contact with others who haven't had flashforwards through a website called (You can click on it if you like… it just goes to ABC's official FlashForward website.) There seems to be a link between the AlreadyDead and the Blue Hand group. (Ha! I said 'link'!)

Gough's flashforward with River Song over the Rutherford Case starts to pay off…

More after we quantum jump.


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