Fan Film Friday: Destiny, The Official Game Trailer

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Okay, my standards are really slipping--I went hunting for a fan film to post, and this ad for a video game was attached to the trailer I originally selected.  The effects, style, and humor of the ad were so compelling that I decided it was a lot better than the actual fan film I'd selected.  So here ya go.


Episode Review:FlashForward:"Better Angels" (Season 1, Episode 14)

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The logline goes like this:"Demetri, Janis, Simon and Vogel travel to Somalia in search of clues to a mysterious tower and encounter a dangerous man who saw his fellow villagers black-out in 1991; Bryce tells Nicole that he has cancer; and Olivia attempts to get daughter Charlie to tell her what she saw in her flashforward."

Well, let's see what churns to the top this week, eh?


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