Batman Beyond Returns! And then leaves all too quickly...

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There were a zillion thngs Warners animation could have done for Batman's 75th anniversiary, but they decided to revisit he long-defunct DCAU. Not only that: they decided to revisit BAtman Beyond, which has always been the gutsiest Batman sho ever. It's an odd choice, but one i totally went into dorkgasm over. Check it out:



DRIVE-BY GEEKERY: The (Somewhat Unimpressive) Return of the DCAU

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While watching "Green Lantern" the other night, they started running these "DC Nation Shorts," which where 60-second spots involving DC superheroes (Or variations thereof) engaged in stupid comedy. They ran two.

The first was an Aardman-styled claymation bit with English kids doing the dialog for deliberately goofy-looking versions of Batman, the Joker ("See how many hops I can do on one leg!") and others. Cute, but meh.


MOVIE REVIEWS: “Green Lantern: First Flight (2009)

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The DC Comics direct to DVD animated spectaculars continue with the origin of Green Lantern. "Wait!" you say, "Didn't we just see the origin of Green Lantern two movies ago in 'Justice League:The New Frontier'"? Well, yes we did. And no we didn't....

(I'm going to try to make this as 'Spoiler Light' as possible, so I'm going to gloss a bit over the traditional Republibot Play by Play)

There are still spoilers, but I try to keep the particulars obscured...


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