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Why Do People Vote Democrat Anyway? I Mean, Seriously, What Are They Thinking?

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an interesting little article written by a self-described liberal atheist democrat that I actually found quite interesting. The author was Jonathan Haidt, a professor of Psychology at Virginia University. In essence he was asking the question “Why do some people vote Republican when everyone knows that’s stupid? Are they insane? Inbred? Insanely inbred? Is this something to do with their crazy belief in God? Is it cultural? Do they just not know any better?” For comedy purposes, I’m overstating that pretty ludicrously.


Andrew Klavan on Creating Our Own Culture

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" You know what? It is amazing. And you know what else? We have to stop being amazed. We have to just take it as given that the mainstream venues are against us, the awards won’t go to us, the reviewers will attack us-sometimes without even admitting why. We have to speak up for ourselves, we have to review each other, honestly and fairly, we have to buy the books that stand up for what’s right-assuming they’re good, assuming they do what they’re supposed to do, entertain, tell good stories. We have to understand that the media is our enemy-the enemy of the American idea, our founders’ ideas-and we have to make our own arts, and celebrate our arts and reward our arts-and then we’ll see who wins in the marketplace."--- Andrew Klavan
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