Halloween Costume Ideas, From Comic Con 2013

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Today being one of the days when it's suddenly OK to dress up as some outlandish character and go around town shaking people down for candy--the other days being "any time a sci fi convention is in town"-- I thought it appropriate to showcase some really creative costume ideas from this year's Comic Con.

Thanks to Neatorama for posting this and other great galleries. It's not too late to draw some inspiration from other folks' sick and twisted fantasies!


Star Trek Cosplay

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A friend of mine sent me this link, and some of these costumes are hilariously creative.  Yes, the link is from IO9, get over it.  If we had an actual staff here, we could go to conventions and take our own photographs, too.


ON FURRIES: The Pot Calling The Kettle Cracked

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Most of us had a favorite stuffed animal growing up. Some of us still collect "plushies." They're cute, they're harmless, they provide comfort and remind us of our less-frantic and more innocent childhood.

So why do so many people get totally freaked out by the idea of guys going to conventions and parading around town while dressed up like gigantic stuffed animals?

What's wrong with "Furries?"


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