Drive-By:Doxacon 2014

We've talked a lot about Christian groups who just don't 'get' S-F/Fantasy and try to hammer the genres into what they consider 'lawful'...So imagine my surprise to learn about Doxacon.

No... Doxacon is not a purgative.hmmm.  Well, maybe it is...The central idea behind Doxacon seems to be centered in this quote by St. Basil


Star Trek Cosplay

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A friend of mine sent me this link, and some of these costumes are hilariously creative.  Yes, the link is from IO9, get over it.  If we had an actual staff here, we could go to conventions and take our own photographs, too.


DRIVE-BY GEEKERY: The Perils Of Being An Asian BSG Fan In Australia

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It's a slow news day here.

Consequently, I've decided to run this Video Blog ("Vlog," a word even uglier than "Blog," though I hadn't thought it possible in English) from Natalie Tran, talking about, well, typical neurotic Natalie Tran stuff.


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