Real Science: Giving "Wood Chips" A New Meaning

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Scientists are working on developing a wood-based product to serve as a substrate for computer chips.  It's renewable, stable, and biodegradable.

I'm really waiting for them to make 'em out of corn...


Windows 8: Is it as bad as everyone says?

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I teach computer classes at a public library, mostly classes on Windows and Office, so I’m on the front line, so to speak, whenever Microsoft changes its operating system. Not to overgeneralize, but I’ve found over the years that many Windows users tend to be technically hesitant or conservative. When Windows changes, the complaining from these users is extensive. This attitude directly contrasts with the Apple community, which tends to be excited, and extol the new look and features of the new operating system or device.


Anyone Out There Got A Working Apple ][?

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So I just found a treasure trove of 5.25-inch floppy disks from my old computers. I had an Apple ][+ from 1981-1992 or so and an Apple ][c from about 1985-1993, when a large book fell on it and destroyed it. There was also an Apple ][GS in there for a couple years, but that was pretty useless. In '92 or '93 I finally got my first PC, and that was that.

Anyway: I'd *love* to peruse this old crap. High School and College projects, forgotten short stories, random crap, but it's completely inaccessible.



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We start off our newly-renamed feature with a british Apple computer add featuring a space station which is in no way like the six-pack of beer cans we've got in orbit right now: Click through to watch! Note the exclamation mark, that wasn't a request people...


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